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CaptainRad / Sep 26, 2018
There have been a few instances of people dropping out of raids early lately, and although we're not running a hardcore group here, we need for people to stop treating guild raids like LFR. There are some new people around for BfA raids so for their benefit I just want to say that dropping out of raids now and then because you have IRL responsibilities is fine; we all have things we need to do more than raid sometimes and that's the point of being non-hardcore.

But when people drop out of raids because they'd rather be playing on an alt or doing dungeons, that kind of thing is not OK. Our raid group is a team effort - we're not here to carry you through the bosses you need and just accept it when you feel like you're done.

Also, once or twice in the past there have been people who decided they were only going to join us for heroic bosses because their gear was already BiS, and although I can understand why those people would do this, it is widely considered to be a dick move. If your gear is that good, you should be helping your teammates progress through the bosses you consider to be too easy instead of waiting until you're ready to hop in for the specific bosses you want.

In case you haven't read them before, there is a section in our rules forum which says: "Dropping out of in-progress raids because you just don't feel like it any more will incur a penalty, which may include (but is not limited to) receiving no loot by trade for the next few raids you attend, or we may just not invite you to future raids."

These rules were not made for fun, so in the future, anyone suspected of not being a team player will be either loot or raid banned. Don't be that guy.
CaptainRad / Aug 12, 2018
We're back to rebuilding our raid group for BfA!

I believe the first raid is due to open around 04/09 so if you're planning to be ready to raid by then please go sign the roster here. If you are planning to raid but not right away then don't worry about it as the roles with limited spaces will have to go to those who are available at the time, with the latecomers filling the spots that are left (myself included).

Unless it was just a horrible nightmare, PL is now the only existing loot method so at least we won't have to deal with EPGP any more - just be sure to turn up to raids with your bossmod, food and flasks. As always, if you are too cheap to actually buy these things (myself included) there will probably be someone in the guild who is willing to craft you some when you provide them with the materials. Seriously, don't turn up without them.
CaptainRad / Apr 05, 2018
You might have noticed that since BfA is coming soon and we've finally downed Argus, a lot of our usual raiders have vanished. I don't know if these things are connected but I'm going to assume they are - it's normal at the end of an expansion. That doesn't mean Old Soul is going into hibernation just yet though. We've picked up a lot of new people recently and raids are still being organised, but we might be limited to normal runs for a while so be aware of this if you're expecting some high-end heroic content, you might be disappointed.

On the other hand, maybe you just enjoy the raids or maybe you want to bring an alt for a change of scenery - this is fine but please check with an officer before logging anything too weak or unneeded.

On another note, I'm planning to take a break from the game for a few months to preserve what little sanity I have remaining; in my absence I recommend you watch out for mutinous lie-spreaders, especially those who play dirty monks. I am not a ballbag and anyone making such accusations should be prepared to back up their claims because one day (in a few months) there will be a reckoning and my fury shall rain down upon them.

Until then, may RNGesus be with you.
CaptainRad / Dec 19, 2017
Merry new Christmas happy year, everybody! As you might imagine, quite a few people have already mentioned that they will be unable to raid around Christmas/new year (I expect to miss a raid or two myself) so a few of them will likely end up being cancelled.

This usually happens with our guild - maybe it happens in other guilds as well or maybe it's just our server - whatever the case, it's not unexpected and we will be back to normal raids either shortly after Christmas or early next year so don't go too far.

In the meantime, anyone who finds themselves online when the usual raid has been cancelled is encouraged to start their own raid if they want to. Do an alt run or go for some achievements, grab some people who normally wouldn't raid or just do a few mythics or battlegrounds.

Otherwise, I'll see you soon when our usual raids resume. Enjoyable festivities to you all!
CaptainRad / Jun 21, 2017
There has been a little confusion over loot priority lately, especially with people switching between alts, so I want to clear things up and make sure that from now on, everyone conforms to these rules.

Players with the rank Advocate and above always have priority over Trials - both Advocates and Trials have priority over anyone not officially on the raid team (this includes friends from outside the guild). If you have not joined the guild and asked to be a permanent part of the raid team, you are below Trials in priority. Alts of raiders are in this category as well - every raider has one main character that will earn EP and no matter what rank they are, they will only get Advocate priority if they are playing this main character. When a boss is on farm, everyone is welcome to switch between alts as they wish but any EP they gain will not be transferred to their main. This is to encourage stability in the raid composition and because when you play an alt we are probably carrying you. An exception will be made if someone switches to an alt to help the group by filling an empty spot - in this case, EP will be awarded to their main but they will still get the same loot priority as any other alt (feel free to remind the raid leader to transfer the EP if they forget).

People who have left the guild for any reason but are still friends are welcome to join our raids if there is a spot but they will only get loot not needed by guildies and will, of course, not earn EP. They are welcome to bring any properly geared character but even if it is in the guild, it will not earn EP unless this person remains a permanent and reliable member of the raid group on this character (essentially this will be considered their main).

This being said, a few people have expressed interest in doing mythic raids, with Chaosecho and Timurhan offering to lead. Anyone wishing to attempt mythics should talk to them, though I would recommend progressing through normal and heroic first to gear up.

Remember that our purpose as a guild is to have fun amongst friends and the aim of our raid group is, for now, just to have fun playing the game on medium difficulty. We have always been a guild specifically for people who can't promise to turn up to every single raid and who have no interest in treating the game like it's their job - we progress but we do it at our own pace. Right now, our raid leaders have no interest in running mythic progression raids - we are happy to try the occasional boss when we have the gear and 20 members but if you're looking for mythic progression you should look elsewhere or talk to Chaosecho. Whatever you choose to do, friends are always welcome in Old Soul and I look forward to spanking more new content with all of you.

Speaking of alts, we have a lot of them in the guild now. If you have alts in the guild, please edit your guild note to include the name of your main (or whatever name we know you by).

Also, there's the matter of guild repairs. Advocates are currently permitted 300G in repairs every day but this is only because there is no option to limit repair allowance to per week. Please limit your use of this feature to guild raids only - abuse of it caused the guild bank to run out of money a while ago and Mellicya kindly threw in a significant amount to refill it (thanks, Mel). 300G should be plenty for most raids and if it's not, well, that's just an incentive to die less. To be clear, we do not need any more donations, but thanks to anyone who was thinking it - if you want to prevent another economic crisis, I recommend completing game content in guild groups and laying off the repair abuse.


Peace out, nerds!
CaptainRad / Mar 30, 2017
Yep, my sub runs out tonight and I haven't renewed it yet. It's nothing dramatic, I just need a break occasionally so things don't become too stale, though some of you might have noticed me slowly losing my mind already. I'm going to go play some other games, read a book, maybe see what this 'outside' is that I've heard about.

I honestly don't know how long I'll be gone; could be a few weeks, could be a lot longer, but I would like to at least see the end of the expansion so hopefully I'll return before the rest of you get too far into the Tomb of Sargeras. I just pray that whoever designed it had a lot more chill than the sadistic bastard who designed the Nighthold.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you all to bring flasks and food, get your gear enchanted and gemmed as best as you can afford - remember that you have guildies who will probably help you craft these things if you just ask nicely. The officers who will be leading raids in my absence might alternate depending on the day of the week but remember that they are the designated raid leaders and they do know what they're doing. You should respect their decisions, their tactics and their calls in combat, and if you have any questions you should ask them instead of just praying that a certain mechanic doesn't kill you again.

Also, this shouldn't need to be said, but please respect the other raiders as well. Jokes and banter aside, everyone in the raid group is there because the officers decided they deserve to be. This means that, assuming they're not hiding any uncertainties as I just mentioned, they are all capable of making raid progress. You should never accuse other raiders of incompetence and you should never bitch at them if they do make a mistake - if you think something needs to be improved, talk to them with respect or talk to an officer. As our rules state, we do not tolerate rudeness.

But as I said, this is just a reminder - for the most part, our team works very well together and we do make progress when we put our minds to it. In fact, when the raids are less brutal, we are sometimes one of the first guilds on the server to progress on certain bosses, which is not bad for a group of filthy casuals.

Hopefully I'll see you all again soon and you can carry me through normal ToS.

Your glorious and resplendent leader,
Captain 'Lemon Sherbet' Radwell
CaptainRad / Aug 30, 2016
Raids are not far away so I hope all our raiders are gearing up, learning tactics and getting their addons straight - but before we can start raiding we need to decide on our days.

We will be running two raids every week, likely from 20:00 to 23:00 CET (server time) as this seems to accommodate the largest amount of people pretty well but if this turns out not to be the case we can reconsider.

I have created a poll in this thread and I need our raiders to cast their votes - not for their preferred raid days, but for all the days they are available to raid. This will make it far easier to choose the best day for everyone.

In the meantime I'd like every raider to familiarise themselves with our guild rules and raid requirements, which can be found in the 'Rules' section of our forum.
CaptainRad / Jul 20, 2016
Legion is finally almost here and, as promised, we are making a comeback (with a sweg new website, no less).

Having taken a months-long break, we will probably have to rebuild the raid team from scratch but if you're reading this then I can only assume you're one of the people returning so hooray! More meat for the fire, myes...
If you happen to know anyone else who wants some relaxed but purposeful raiding in the months to come, please send them our way so we can throw them in the training pit.

I, your most irreverent guild leader, will be returning to the game shortly after the pre-patch goes live and I hope to start some real recruiting long before Legion drops on 30th August, so if you want to get in there and re-learn the game with me, I'll be fumbling my way through all the new class changes for a few weeks.