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[Pinned] Emerald Nightmare

Greetings fellow raiders,Here is a video on Dragons of the Nightmare.Simply explained all abilities and how to act towards them. fight has allot going on like we saw on tuesday. Wowhead made a nice ...
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[Pinned] (Draft) Recommended Addons

Here are some addons that I've found can be very useful - they are not mandatory for raids but you may like to get them anyway.BigWigs - a solid alternative to Deadly Boss Mods with way less of the unnecessary noise. Good if you want a boss mod th...
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[Pinned] Work Work
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[Pinned] Work Work

Guilds (raids, specifically) work better when everyone has free access to professions that improve their abilities. Anyone who has characters with professions that they are willing to use to help other members free of charge (excluding mats, of co...
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[Pinned] Raid Rules & Behaviour

I have always been adamant that Old Soul is a guild for friendly people who want a relaxed raiding atmosphere, and that has always served us well. While we're not getting any world firsts, we do make progress at a steady pace and I feel that overa...
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Details >

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Thanks for having me!

Hi, GuysThank you for all the raid nights. Most of them were very enjoyable. I am moving to a different server rejoining my previous Guild. I am still on Horde so /w me if you want to do a M+ or need someone for a raid spot.I wish you all the best...
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Role check (BfA)

This is the current list of people who have confirmed their intention to raid in BfA - this is obviously subject to change if any of these people drop out or want to play a different role but for now we can assume this is how it's going to be.If y...
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Our loot rules

Loot rules are pretty simple these days, seeing as how personal loot is mandatory, but there are still a couple of things you should know before raiding with us.First, if you get loot, congrats! If it's an upgrade or you just can't trade it then t...
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LF invitation to guild

Lana Shadow Priest sinsitilki#2105
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Weak Auras, Macros, etc...

I ll post useful stuff here... like dick pics, macros etc...
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I apologise for my insults to Glitchbug, but id also like to apologise to the guild in general after trolling on trade chat. I'm sorry if I offended anyone I didn't intend to do so and I hope we can get along better in the future. I vouch that I w...
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Progress Screenshots

Here I'll be posting actual photographic evidence of Bigfoot our first boss kills for all the haters to see how pr0 l33t we are!
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Role Check

Anyone planning to raid in Legion, please post your class and preferred role in this thread.PLEASE NOTE:If you are not sure that you can commit to regular raiding or if you're not even sure you want to raid, please don't sign up as a tank (and to ...
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Raid Days Episode IV: Return of the Raid Days

Pretty simple, just pick all the days in a week when you are available to raid. If you prefer not to raid on any days (for example, if you are usually busy on weekends) just don't pick them.Also, feel free to make your votes private, or not, it re...
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Voice chat

Our default voice chat program is Discord - you can download it here or just use it in-browser if you prefer. If you are an active raider or have aspirations of being called to fill a raider's spot in the event of their absence, you must have it i...
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Guild Ranks

There are multiple different ranks within the guild. If you were ever wondering what each rank is about, don't wonder any further.Guild Leader & Leader AltThose two are self-explanatory. They consist of the guild master (GM) and their alts.Off...
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General Discussion

New Website Stylin'

I am bad with colour coordination and there are a few noticeable imperfections around here so if anyone has any suggestions for tweaks to the new website theme, please post them below.
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Overwatch Funtimes

Overwatch just released (HYPE)! As of right now we've been inactive as a guild for a few months so who knows if anyone will even see this, but if anyone does, and wants to play Overwatch together, feel free to add me (Orien#2167).Also be aware tha...
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Mythic Sign-Ups

For anyone planning to move on to mythic HFC with the guild in the near future, please make yourself known here so that I know how many people I need to recruit.Please be aware that mythic raids require a steady 20-man presence, so if you do not p...
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Who are you(IRL)

I couldn't find a thread about this already so I made one myself. I prefer knowing a bit more about the people I play with besides their characters name so here goes. Don't worry, I'll start:My name is Kristoffer. I'm 25 years old and I live Berge...
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