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CaptainRad / Sep 26, 2018
There have been a few instances of people dropping out of raids early lately, and although we're not running a hardcore group here, we need for people to stop treating guild raids like LFR. There are some new people around for BfA raids so for their benefit I just want to say that dropping out of raids now and then because you have IRL responsibilities is fine; we all have things we need to do more than raid sometimes and that's the point of being non-hardcore.

But when people drop out of raids because they'd rather be playing on an alt or doing dungeons, that kind of thing is not OK. Our raid group is a team effort - we're not here to carry you through the bosses you need and just accept it when you feel like you're done.

Also, once or twice in the past there have been people who decided they were only going to join us for heroic bosses because their gear was already BiS, and although I can understand why those people would do this, it is widely considered to be a dick move. If your gear is that good, you should be helping your teammates progress through the bosses you consider to be too easy instead of waiting until you're ready to hop in for the specific bosses you want.

In case you haven't read them before, there is a section in our rules forum which says: "Dropping out of in-progress raids because you just don't feel like it any more will incur a penalty, which may include (but is not limited to) receiving no loot by trade for the next few raids you attend, or we may just not invite you to future raids."

These rules were not made for fun, so in the future, anyone suspected of not being a team player will be either loot or raid banned. Don't be that guy.
CaptainRad / Aug 12, 2018
We're back to rebuilding our raid group for BfA!

I believe the first raid is due to open around 04/09 so if you're planning to be ready to raid by then please go sign the roster here. If you are planning to raid but not right away then don't worry about it as the roles with limited spaces will have to go to those who are available at the time, with the latecomers filling the spots that are left (myself included).

Unless it was just a horrible nightmare, PL is now the only existing loot method so at least we won't have to deal with EPGP any more - just be sure to turn up to raids with your bossmod, food and flasks. As always, if you are too cheap to actually buy these things (myself included) there will probably be someone in the guild who is willing to craft you some when you provide them with the materials. Seriously, don't turn up without them.